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Set-Up of WiFi Public Hotspots

Target Your Customers Based On Their Location & Behavior

Tapway Case Study

Mall Client

In addition, Tapway People Counting and Behavior Intelligence solution is deployed in their key mall with a combination of video sensors and Wi-Fi access points, with the following features:

  • Count shoppers at each entrance into the mall, including car park
  • Count shoppers at each entryway into each floor, including lifts and escalators
  • Analyze shopper visit patterns, such as dwell time, flow and path movement, dwell heatmap in each floor and zone


With the Tapway GWS in place, the mall is able to generate more than 70,000 new profiles every month for CRM purpose, and is able to increase loyalty / retention rate above 2%. Also, each shopper spends a staggering 82 minutes on average, every time they are in the mall.

Electricity Savings Solution

-“Monitoring” enables:-
  1. Real-time energy consume
  2. Money spend for electricity
  3. Trend of usage
  4. Status of electrical appliances
-Set the billing cycle
-Understand trend and apportioning of the devices consumption