Often described as the ‘healthiest oil on earth’, Virgin Coconut Oil has been used throughout Asia for thousands and thousands of years as remedies for many ailments. Some uses Virgin Coconut Oil as one of main ingredients in their cooking for better taste and texture. Few may have dispute the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil, nevertheless, it still continues to be used commercially worldwide.

  • Powerful Medicinal Properties
  • Burn, Baby, Burn!
  • Beauty’s Best Friend
  • Super Healthy Food
  • Immune System Booster

COWA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL is perceived as one of the easiest to consume; fresh in smell and light in taste. It uses the highly recommended process for coconut oil (internationally recognised); Centrifugal Extraction, allowing users to enjoy the premium coconut oil without any enhancement and enabling all to stay strong and healthy.
Taste to believe!