Coconut Water (COWA) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2014 and immediately captured the hearts of Malaysians with their ready-to-drink coconut water. COWA is the first in Malaysia to offer locally-packed natural coconut water in TetraPak Prisma Aseptic packaging and one of the first in Southeast Asia.

COWA is committed to ensure products produced meet the world class standard and in an extraordinarily short period of time, its maiden product under the Beverage category, COWA Coconut Water quickly went into the leading local supermarkets, widely exposed in the local and international exhibitions and was exported to the China market. This allows a timely expansion into other categories such as Health, Kitchen and Treats. Amongst the few new products were Virgin Coconut Oil, Coconut Water with flavours and more.

The journey gets more exciting when we have a whole lot more healthier options for the consumers. Since 2015, COWA has satisfied millions of consumers worldwide and is still growing strong. You can be part of our adventures too!