DB Directional Ceiling Diffuser





ASLI DB is a type of diffuser with multiple square cones which provide excellent 4 ways directional discharge pattern. Each cone is one piece dieformed construction with seamless surface and no corner joints. This consistent air flow pattern produce rapid mixing, excellent and stable room air distribution. DB is the most popular square ceiling diffuser and suitable for rapid cooling usage.

Frame : 1.0mm aluminum.
Blade : 1.0mm aluminum.
Support Bar : 1.5mm galvanized steel.

Frame : 0.7mm galvanized steel.
Blade : 0.6mm galvanized steel.
Support Bar : 1.5mm galvanized steel.

Surface Finish
White powder coated, oven baked as standard. Others available upon request.

Standard size   (Unit : mm)
290 x 290 / 370 x 370
450 x 450 / 595 x 595
603 x 603

G1 Opposed blade damper
C1 Radial fan blade damper
C2 Crown damper

Frame for DB is flush & pressed out.
The removable core is hooked on the inner frame with spring-loaded clip which allow easy adjustment of volume control damper.


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